Benefits of Advertising

Build Top-of-Mind Awareness
Many factors influence consumer choice. Price and convenience are certainly important parts of the purchasing decision. But what truly influences many consumers is simply awareness. You want your business to be the brand that Bay Area consumers think of first when considering their options. That's called Top-of-Mind Awareness. How do you get it? Develop a compelling message that sets you apart from the competition and keep that message in front of consumers. Our newspapers and Web sites are the best local venues to deliver that message.

Attract New Customers
It's a fact that customers drive business and your business needs more of them. Very few adults are in the market for any particular good or service at any time. Additionally adults go into and out of the market very quickly. Timing is everything. The best way to find new customers is to market your business through Bay Area News Group’s East Bay timely newspapers and Web sites. Our papers deliver an impressive audience with high-quality demographics and the greatest reach of any single media outlet in the East Bay.  Our Websites add additional local eyeballs and can provide a cost-effective way to add frequency to your message. The combination allows a highly effective and efficient means to reach new customers.

Sell More to Your Current Customers
You already have customers, but what if you could increase the total sale or the frequency of their visits? An advertising campaign that introduces new products or services to existing customers is the best way to increase your "share of customer." Bay Area News Group products offer the flexibility you need to quickly act on new opportunities before the competition can.  

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